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July 2015 Newsletter

posted Jul 15, 2015, 7:54 AM by DCOCB Staff

The first page is a great picture of our President celebrating the supreme court decisions. 

We have included a number of important supreme court decisions that were about issues like health care, who can go to school, and who can wed.

We have an article about the in comparison of compensation of our President versus CEOS of the big ten American businesses.

We bring you up to date on who Bobby Jindal is and his performance as the governor of Louisiana.

There is a list of April 2015 numbers for the record of President Obama performance in fixing the economy, reduction of dependence of Arab oil, and growth of jobs.

We review several key things going on in the towns in Worcester County.

There is an editorial about slumbering Democrats.

If you do not know him, we introduce you to Texas  governor Rick Perry.  Texas and Perry deserve each other.  Go Oklahoma beat Texas!!  Boomer! Sooner!